I have been working in the hair industry since 2001. Fashion has always been a passion for me. I pride myself in attention to detail. The shapes and colours that I can create to help transform my client into their best self is what brings me immense joy. I strive constantly to improve in both salon work and competition work, looking for new techniques and new looks that keep me inspired in the industry that I love.


I've been in the hair industry for many years and have been lucky enough to have worked, trained and gained extensive knowledge from some of the world's best hairdressers. If you'd like to completely change your look or just have a trim, come on in! I look forward to seeing you.


My passion is the youth of today. Training them and sharing the knowledge I/we have all accumulated over the years. 


I'm keen to continue learning everything there is about hair, knowing that it will be a lifetime's journey. At the moment I absolutely love styling! The creative outlet of hairdressing and being able to converse with all sorts of different people all day is what makes coming to work so enjoyable. Pop in for a relaxing head massage and blow wave.


Creativity is what feeds my soul. It's about having courage to be original and express my emotions. I love to embrace new concepts and challenge myself with innovative ideas. I am passionate about hair and colour. Showing my clients how amazing they can look is what drives my passion.


I have been hairdressing since 2012. I love hairdressing because as the industry evolves there is always room to develop skills and improve techniques so that our client's walk out of the salon with a smile and the best possible hairstyles suited to them.


I have been hairdressing for the last 30 years and I love my job. What I love about hairdressing is it makes me feel good to make clients feel great about themselves.


 My passion and strength lies in sculpting hair with all the latest techniques. A great haircut that lasts and stays in shape is my focus for all clients. Looking forward to meeting you.


I've been in the hair industry for 3 years. I love making a client feel beautiful and relaxed, whilst giving them tips and tricks to achieve different looks at home. I love learning and I'm very passionate about expanding my skill set.


What excites me?
The joy I get from each individual client when they leave Chiseled Hair.
When we create change it is always their body language I love. Their shoulders go back and their smile radiates confidence. 
My passion lies within creating  the perfect haircut for you.